The Wenig family


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Welcome to my genealogy site.

This site will give you a little insight in the history of my family. I have been working on ancestry research since 2000. I am hoping to use this site to socialize with people who are also interested in researching their families’ history. Of course, most of all I want to address all of you whose family name appears on my site and family tree and who do similar research in the same areas that I do.

At the beginning of June 2003 I created a forum for the family name WENIG. Since then I have had more contact with Wenigs than I have ever thought possible. The origins range from East Prussia via the border area of Thuringia and Hesse all the way to the Bavarian forest. With the forum I want to give my visitors the chance to leave ”want ads” to find a way of reaching other Wenig-researchers. To get to the Forum, please click here.

It’s possible that you, too, can help me with my ancestry research. I want to use this site to create new contacts, fill old family volumes with new life and help the family tree to grow.
Maybe there is some consistency between our family trees, maybe some common ancestor or relatives. Just send me an email or leave an entry in the guestbook, and I will get in contact with you or answer any questions you might have.

My family tree currently contains over 4700 people. The people listed on this site are mostly my direct ancestors; siblings were generally not considered, due to the large amount of data. As such it can well be that I have information about more names than is presented here. Therefore I suggest to just send me an email and I will have a look if I can help you.

With that I am hoping that you enjoy surfing the site.

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